A Guide To Tamil Astrology

Tamil Astrology is a form of Vedic Astrology and it is widely viewed as being extremely accurate and effective because there are actual things individuals are told to do to enhance good planetary arrangements and minimize the less desirable ones. These are called remedies and you can read about some example here

While Tamil is viewed as an occult science it is much like Western astrology as it divulges information about the connection between celestial bodies and people. Ever since man has roamed the planet, there has been a struggle to understand the mysteries that exist between the heavens and mankind on Earth. Tamil astrology was one of those sciences create to explain those mysteries.

The practice teaches that each individual has come to Earth with a specific task. Each task a person must do is not transferable. They must do the work they are called to do in life. Communication about these personal tasks come through the energy of the planets, the moon, the Sun and even through comets and major weather events in this form of astrology.

With this form of astrology, the sky is divided up into 12 parts like it is in Western astrology. There are also Zodiac signs in this form of astrology. It teaches us which role the planets play in molding a persons life. The planet known as Graha is the one with the greatest influence on day-to-day life for everyone.

Horoscopes are called Rasi Palan. These can inform people about health, career, property, love and other subjects. These can be done for a day, a month, a year and so on to find out the information needed from the planets. The Rasi Palan is shown as a chart and the chart will show the information about how the planets were situated at the time of a persons birth.

The names of each planet are different In Tamil than they are in Western astrology. The Sun is considered more powerful than the planets. It is called Surya. It is a symbol of serenity and wisdom. The Moon is called Chandra and she imparts many feminine energies.

The Enlightening Essence of Tamil Astrology

Tamil is among the oldest languages spoken in India. It is even one of the oldest living languages used around the world. There are many people that still use the language proudly as their native tongue. This beautiful language adds to the importance that is given to Tamils comprehensive version of astrology. With the remedies that each horoscope comes with, there is something tangible a person can do to improve or mollify any situation. It is considered an extremely accurate source of prediction.

With the essence of this type of astrology, there is not only enlightenment about what to expect for the future but also how to use the information to better oneself. Tamil astrologers wish to promote prosperity in the world using this astrology rather than confine it to the world of the Occult and its secrets. They want to spread awareness about is to that many people can take advantage of it.