Simple Way To Activate The Law Of Attraction

Are you finding it difficult to get the power of the law of attraction to work for you? Maybe you want to help change the environment, but no matter how hard to try the environment just doesnât change. You push your thoughts onto others and only get negative vibes back. This is exactly NOT what to do.

What you need to remember is that you cannot change those things or people who surround you. The law of attraction will work on you, not on others. You just can’t wish something for another person and have them change overnight.

But, all is not lost. There is one simple thing you can start putting into place today to activate the law of attraction. The one word I like to tell people to think about is ‘grateful’. Start to focus on what you can be grateful for.

Do this right now by making a list of all the things that you are grateful for. Do you live near family, are you healthy, and are you happy to be employed or happy that no family member is dealing with a crisis?

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Once you have done this then think about at least one of these items every day. This will help you keep in a positive mindset. Remember, for the law of attraction to work you must not think in a negative manner.

Your next step is to identify what it is you truly want out of your life. Are you looking for wealth, health or love? When you have done this then start visualizing yourself in this manner. If you want someone to love, picture yourself being in love or being wealthy if this is your wish. By visualizing this you are connecting with your inner desires. You are allowing yourself the freedom to know that you can truly act in this way.

You have no doubt heard about people who have âthoughtâ themselves wealthy. They started to believe that they had lots of money and what happens? They get offered a better job, or they receive an inheritance or unexpected cheque in the mail.

This is the power of the law of attraction working. So, start off by reminding yourself what you have to be grateful for. Then work on visualizing your new life. Slowly things will begin to change for the better for you. The word ‘grateful’ can truly change your life forever if you let it!